How to Improve e-commerce sales

by Admin
ecommerce sales
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Ecommerce is tough game especially when there is a lot of competition around. So what can be done to improve your sales. Here are some of few out of box techniques that can help drive sales and traffic to your website:

ecommerce sales

  • Cross Sell: Always offer customer additional options to buy. You can drive additional sales with “recommended” products, Help buyers discover related products with “who brought this also brought this” block
  • Increase the chance of more sales by letting buyers find products that are bought together, this would entice them to buy more. Create attractive discounts with special incentives such as free shipping or coupons.
  • Discount helps: Try to offer special discounts on some products every week. This would bring them back to your site every week. Also offer an alert email for product price drops & bring back buyers to complete their purchases. Let customers get alerts about expiring discounts, new products etc. via a notification bar
  • Bring back buyers who left an incomplete transaction via personalized email messages just what Amazon does to their customers
  • Employ Good Search and Layered Navigation for users to drill down & discover products with ease. Help customer offer a quick view feature on the product listing page for a sneak peek. Keep the shopping cart visible to the user with a scrolling cart add-on
  • FAQs about products: This is very helpful as customers don’t hesitate to buy. Help answer buyers’ questions while shopping via a questions widget
  • Good reviews: Allow buyers to rate reviews so you can jack up up the most helpful reviews. Reviews are one of the most important factor which helps a customer takes a buying decision. Make sure you have Good reviews

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