Parallelize downloads across hostnames – Meaning?

by Admin
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Speed is a major issue with eCommerce websites especially when it comes to Magento which is considered pretty heavy on servers! You must have must come across a recommendation by Server optimization companies; Parallelize downloads across hostnames. What does this terms mean and how can it affect the site loading speed.

Often the biggest issue with the site loading speed is amount and the size images it host. The more images you have, the more is the loading time and hence the speed issue. To resolve this, it is recommended to implement Parallelize downloads across hostnames which means that you can host images on different domains rather than one website. For example if you website is, try not having all images on the same domain but consider adding the images at and you would see the difference. The images would download faster and so would the website. The browsers these days have a set limit of how many files they can download at the same time from the same host so if we distribute the images, it would be faster. If you host css and/or js file on your another domain, it will be even faster.

Ideally those images would be hosted on physically different server, but it does not have to be. It could be the same server just using 2 or 3 different hostnames.

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