Getting ready before you sell online

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starting online store
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Online selling can be a tough nut to crack but if you to do the right planning and adopt certain strategies, nothing can beat e-commerce business.

Choose your product wisely:

Make sure, the product that you are selling is in demand or you create a unique proposition to sell it (USP).  Finding the right product to sell is often the most important step in creating a profitable and growing company. Make sure there is enough demand for that product. Try to sell a unique product and avoid selling products which are everyone is selling across all platforms. Unless, you have an exceptional price or quality, don’t sell products which are already swarming the online stores.  A good example in this regard would be printer toner business. You search and you would find hundreds of stores selling toners at dirt cheap prices. Unless you price is exceptionally low, you should not consider selling online. You should always have a long-term goal of selling unique items that nobody else sells.

Watch your competition:

It’s always good to keep a tab on your completion. Study your completion deeply and find out what makes them successful. Don’t try to replicate what they do but try to improve upon their good practices. Find out the areas they cater to and also their best sellers and then target your product to the same customer group. Do remember though; Bait and Switch Selling is illegal.

Choose a good e-Commerce platform: 

This is one of the most important towards realizing your dream of starting an online store. Decide if you need a managed hosted store such as Shopify or Bigcommerce or do you want to have your own store. With hosted solutions, you can simply set up your store and pay them a monthly fee. The hosted server provider is responsible for setting up your website hosting and online store. They can also manage your Payment gateway for a fee. However, if your site need customization or you need lot of variation, you can go with popular open source e-Commerce platforms such as Magento, Nopcommerce, Opencart, Prestashop etc. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge om how to operate the store or hire an e-commerce expert with good experience in the online shopping domain.

Selecting a good website Hosting company
A fast loading is loved not only buy google but also users or end customers and therefore selecting the right hosting company is equally important. Not only fast, the website should also be secure and both these factors very much depends on the hosting company you choose. For online store, choose companies who specializes in e-Commerce and avoid general hosting company. Check out the review for Top Ecommerce Hosting companies. Make sure the hosting company offer the essential features such as PCI Compliance, Memcached, SSD drives, excellent backups, easy recovery and most important excellent Technical support.

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