SMART Logo Designing Tips for creating a Stunning Logo

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Designing a logo is not just choosing a stylish font for the name and adding an artistic frame to it. It is more, much more! A logo is the first impression of the company. And if you choose a stunning logo for your business, it can prove to be a major influencer on your customers. It can have an effect on their purchase decisions and help you to increase your revenue.

Designing a stunning logo for your business is imperative to create the right brand perception in the minds of customers. Learn the SMART tips of logo designing and get ready for a stellar logo.

  • S for Simple

The KISS principle of keeping it simple is effective in every walk of life and logo designing is no different.  Take for example, the logo of Nike. It is a simple swoosh on a plain background but it has a high retention value. It has given the brand a strong mind-share and enables the company to have high brand recognition among its customers. Also, consider the McDonalds’ logo. It is a simple Golden Arches logo that bears resemblance to the ‘M’ of the McDonalds’s brand.

  • M for Memorable

A logo should not only be simple. It should be memorable as well. For example, choosing the light bulb as a logo may be a simple choice. But, it is no longer a memorable option for businesses because a large number of them have the same bulb logo in one form or the other. Take a look at the Facebook logo. It is simple and extremely easy to remember. The company has truly monopolized the blue color in the market of social media and the color has become synonymous with the brand itself.

  • A for Appropriate

How to know if your logo is appropriate? It is simple. Consider your target market. If your target is family and kids, it is best to opt for bright colors and child-like fonts. Consider the logo for Lego and Toys ‘R Us. They are bright and will attract their audience: the kids. But, if you are a big consultancy firm, a strong logo with bold fonts is ideal instead of bright patterns.

  • R for Resourceful

A logo is resourceful when you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Your logo should look effective on your website as well as in print media. Consider a small ad in the newspaper. Will your logo look good in it? Also, think about the billboard. It should look great in every size.  You can make the logo resourceful by restricting the use of multiple colors and choose only a few options. You can avoid the negative perception that people have towards a specific color by choosing a black and white logo.

  • T for Timeless

Your logo should not come with a time limit. It should be timeless. It should sustain the run of your business.  For example, the Olympics logo is iconic and has stood the test of time successfully. So, if you are going to diversify into several businesses, consider everything before making a choice. Do not follow the current trends. Choose what’s best for your business: now and forever.

Designing a logo for your business is a crucial task. And, you should not leave it in the hands of an amateur. Hire an expert logo designer who can understand the nuances of your business and deliver a stunning logo on time.

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