Why Odoo Human Resource Management System is More Important for an Effective Business Management?

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Odoo Human Resource Management System
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A lot of businesses consider HR and admin as a big drain of their resource and time. This is quite true since processes and formalities can form the bulk of the job profile across HR.

What definitely can be of great help is an effective implementation of a human resource software system. They can add a lot of value in terms of time saving and efficiency. However, a lot of smaller and medium businesses avoid having a software system. There are multiple reasons. They think it is only for corporates. Price could be a deterrent. Many feel that manually managing such processes can be handled for a little more time.

However, using an ERP based human resource management system is a boon to any corporate entity irrespective of size.

Why an HRMS System?

Companies must understand why a system is needed. They can implement an HR module for automating a bulk of their HR processes. A few reasons that accrue are as follows:

  • The entire employee base can be managed.
  • Performance can be tracked systematically.
  • Compensation and payroll processes can go digital.
  • Leave management can be managed easily.
  • Track the staff workforce of the business in real-time.
  • The recruitment process is also streamlined and managed quite easily.

There is an abundance of ERP bases systems available. From the big players to a lot of home-grown systems and local players. The number of features and simplicity of usage also vary from solution to solution.

One very powerful and robust system is the Odoo Human Resource Management System. It has a lot of features that can manage the entire portfolio of requirements. It can act as a perfect companion to the HR teams. Mentioned below are some of the powerful functionalities of the Odoo HRMS that can help make the HR processes of all types of organizations streamlined and efficient.

Staff Management

This application of the system keeps track of all the employees working for the business. The module includes all the employee details. Starting from personal information, other data that is captured includes payroll, terms of employment, grades and designation, and other elementary details.

Attendance Management

This module of the Odoo system tracks and maintains the attendance record of the employee. It can capture the leaves taken. Details and reasons are recorded.

Enterprise Social Network

The role of social media today cannot be ignored. The network is the acritical source of goodwill and business generation. The business needs to be active on active social media. The Odoo human resource management system has the feature of keeping the business integrated and updated on all social media platforms. The business can participate in social discussions. They are also able to update the staff on chat conversations in real-time.

Motivating Staff

All employees love challenges. They all like to win rewards. HR teams must organize competitions to attract employees to fun events. These events and activities attract employees. They keep them motivated. Overall performance also sees improvement. This module of the system helps HR teams to design challenges, activities, and rewards for employees.

Recruitment Management

This module enables HR in automating and selecting the potential prospects for a particular position from a large bank of candidates. These applications are sifted by the module when they land on the website.

In general, the recruitment process is cumbersome. HR teams can be drowned in a lot of oof paperwork and time splurging efforts. The Odoo system can manage this process from the sourcing stage right up to the employment letter.

All that needs to be done is install a specific app. Then all the features can be used. On installing this app, the HR teams can create job positions. They can define objectives from a recruitment perspective for sought positions. Responsibility for any particular position can be assigned. An email address can be created to automatically generate applications. All emails can be received at this email address. Job descriptions and requirements and other details can be customized. The Odoo human resource management system helps in the interview process through the scheduling of interview dates. Other details like employee feedback and appreciation, roles, etc can be incorporated.

Post the initial interview, the HR teams can assign the respective functional or departmental manager into the loop. Onward meetings can then be scheduled. Onward briefings with senior managers can be arranged. Managers can then add a memo for hiring applicants to the HR teams.

The resumes collated can be indexed. Keyword search functionality allows the HR teams to search resumes through keywords. Potential candidates based on qualifications and skillsets can thus be searched with speed.

Appraisal Management Module

Employee performance appraisals are possible. Reviews and performance evaluations for employees can be documented. Using the Odoo Employee Appraisals app, the human resource department can manage employee evaluations. Evaluations can also be set up with predetermined frequency. Employee feedback surveys can be created and conducted through the app. This can be done using existing or customized templates. Also possible are evaluation plans with schedules to generate interview requests automatically. Fine-tuning of the same is possible. A specification can be drilled down at the employee, department, or hierarchy level. The managers can then review content and finalize the evaluation thereafter.

Expense Management Module

Different businesses offer different types of cash benefits to the employees. The expense management module aims to help employees to maintain expense records for expenses incurred on behalf of the business. Compensation and allowances can thus be processed as reimbursement.


Timesheet management is key for achieving desired targets, billing, etc. Task flow needs to be scheduled through planning. The Odoo HR software permits a business to fill monthly and weekly timesheets. This enables employees to follow timelines for any particular project.

There are multiple ERP solutions in the market. But the Odoo system has a niche of its own. It’s free license and easy customization make it a popular choice. Implementation is also done at a rapid pace. The Odoo system is a system of choice when big-budget solutions are out of reach.

Odoo is a comprehensive platform. It can manage multiple business applications efficiently. As an open-source system, multiple versions are available. They include Odoo accounting, e-commerce, CRM, production, logistics, inventory management, and warehousing among others. This includes the enterprise version, online model as well as community version.

Ease and simplicity of navigation is a plus for Odoo. Availability of thousand plus modules keeps pace with demands. Easy integration combined with user experience and the latest technology has helped it acquire popularity. And most of all, it is budget-friendly.

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