Useful Magento Website Tips

by Admin
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1. How to reset Magento admin password:

This is a common problem faced by our customers. Here is how to do this: To change your Magento admin password, go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin, select your Magento database, click the SQL tab and use the following query:

UPDATE admin_user SET password=CONCAT(MD5(‘sGnewpass’), ‘:sG’) WHERE username=’AdminUsername’;

Note: You have to change newpass in the MD5(‘sGnewpass‘) with your new password, and change *AdminUsername* to your Magento admin username.

Run the query by clicking the Go button and your password will be changed.

How to clear the Magento cache:

Magento is pretty on server resources and therefore it is important to flush the cache to keep the site stable and fast. Here is how you do that:

Navigate to System -> Cache Management using the primary navigation menu. Then  click on the Flush Magento CacheFlush Cache StorageFlush Catalog Images Cache and Flush JavaScript CSS/Cache to flush the cache.

How to speed up your Magento Website:

As mentioned, magneto uses a lot of resources and sometimes you see that your Magento site is tad slow.   You can always enable Compilation function and this would increase the page speed considerable. You can enable Magento Compilation from your Magento admin panel > System > Tools > Compilation.

You can also use Speed performance extensions such as Fooman Speedster, Nitrogento,
PageCache powered by Varnish, M-Turbo – E-Commerce Accelerator and other popular extenions.


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