Odoo Learning Management System (LMS): Features and More

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Odoo e Learning Management System
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Without a doubt, the academic world was besotted by e-learning systems in the last decade or so. The last few years witnessed an intersection of technology and education. The alliance has only become stronger of late.

Online education and training systems are prevalent across schools, colleges, universities, and the corporate world. Students use such systems as additional learning materials and as academic support. Companies too offer such programs for their employees. These are devised to augment their professional development.

There is no doubt, that online learning is experiencing overwhelming growth.

The pandemic last year managed to retain a large section of the population indoors. While indoors, a large number of institutions began to offer digitized learning platforms. With the growth of internet usage and availability, the education sector witnessed explosive automation and digitization.

The Emergence of Learning Management Systems

Generally speaking, learning management systems are primarily software systems. They are integrated with a large range of capabilities. These include online courses, digital libraries, and research forums. Some include evaluation tests couple with learning support for the benefit of teachers and students alike.

Odoo eLearning is a pioneering, exceptional, comprehensive, and yet very simple to use a learning management system. It has benefited a vast number of educational institutions and businesses alike. It offers the creation of interactive and at your pace courses. It can host tests and quizzes. It can offer certificates, badges, and other exciting and expressive learning experiences.

Some Noteworthy Features:

There are some unique features of Odoo eLearning. These make it a compulsive module for the setting up of an online learning platform. Some of its striking features are listed below:

  • The Odoo eLearning module offers one the choice to create an unlimited number of courses and lessons. One can manage and organize all kinds of content. The content can be embedded with all kinds of desired attachments as required. They could be videos, PDF files, infographics, tests as well as certifications.
  • It facilitates the addition of quizzes with single and multiple answer options. This can be incorporated at the end of a lesson as well as a course. One can further add some additional resources for reference. Some external links for example.
  • Odoo eLearning has the built-in capability to translate the website into a variety of languages. This is the simplest way to conquer any possible language barrier. It is learning made fun and easy.
  • It also empowers the sales and promotion of online courses through easy as well as complex payment options. The module has also simplified the payment gateway integration process within the website.
  • The Odoo module provides options for evaluation and certification. One can create quizzes and tests with multiple question types. One also has the option to specify if the tests are for different students. They can also include a selection of questions on a random basis.
  • One has the option of setting a passing score as desired. One can also limit the duration of the tests as well as the number of attempts. Certification of the candidates can be managed gauged by their performance. The module can also assign badges to students who pass the course.
  • The eLearning module allows one to interact with the community. It permits linking with forums and reviews of courses.
  • The module provides an advanced reporting system. It reports the performances of courses and content. One can also analyze forums, reviews, and certifications. Predefined filters throw up relevant data. The display of results is available as graphs, line or bar charts, pie charts, etc.
  • One can promote courses through a tool. It allows SEO and sharing, etc.

Some added Benefits of the Module:

  • A wide-ranging and exhaustive list of features makes it a comprehensive tool for developing a multi-channel platform.
  • An all-inclusive, engaging website building platform. Learning, teaching, evaluating, and reporting processes are part of it.
  • Insightful and smart reporting systems. Customization of courses made possible based on student requirements.
  • It is equipped with SEO tools.

The module’s comprehensive and all-inclusive learning management system make it a very useful asset for businesses that operate in the education sector.

It empowers them to reach out to a larger base of students. More importantly, it is a win-win for all the parties.

How Odoo eLearning can help?

The Odoo eLearning module is a powerful and robust learning management system.

But how does implementing Odoo eLearning a business? Is there a need to invest in an eLearning platform?

There are multiple reasons why businesses must in a learning system and why Odoo is an option of choice. Here is how they stand to profit from their e-learning platform.

The system is a self-training system – users can study on their own. They can make use of all the processes, services, and products that are offered by the company. They can work at any time and there is no need to refer to manuals and guides. They don’t need to seek help from fellow employees either.

New trends, tools, and techniques to learn must be adapted. These can be made available through in-house webinars or external parties. This inspires employees to explore new options to learn. These are available across the network. So, one does not require anyone to teach them. In this manner, one can avoid seminars and the classroom approach.

Another option is the usage of short video tutorials or guides. With these options, employees can keep abreast and also learn about the usage of tools, techniques, and software. This method of learning is called microlearning. This helps create resolutions on an immediate basis.

The onboarding processes can be optimized. The HRM teams can optimize employee orientation and onboarding programs throughout the lifecycle of the employees. HR teams can make use of small video clips, infographics, and some self-evaluation tests.

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