New Security Issues for Joomla

by Admin
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Us-Cert has confirmed that Joomla has released an updated version 3.4.7 to address two vulnerabilities. According to the website, exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected website. immediately upon releasing new patches, Joomla released another version called 3.4.8 fixes. This was released to fix some browser that had popped up in version 3.4.7.


Here is the latest update

  • Users were unable to edit or create items after the 3.4.7 update
  • Fatal error about connection->stat() not existing on external database connections
  • After session timeout users could still navigate the backend but without being able to create/edit items or use pagination/filters

Users can download the latest Joomla version upgrade here.

For more information and Joomla support, please contact us.

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