Magento Frequent Issues and solution

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Question: Sometimes you don’t want to display out of stock products in search results. How can you enable that option:

Answer: You can hide out of stock products in categories and catalog search through : System > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Display Out of Stock Products

Question: Can I easily upgrade Magento to the latest version:

Answer: Magento upgrade can be a tough cookie especially if you have done a done of customization on your website. Magento upgrade should be done through a qualified magento development company who has good experience with upgrades and migration. Try to log the changes and ask your developer about what and where the coding has been altered so that you have a complete log of the changes. this would help to retain all the customization during upgrade process. Always stay updated and upgrade your website to the latest version.

Question: My Magento site is very slow: how to improve site speed and performance:

Answer: There are some the steps to improve your speed

  • Choose a specialized Magento hosting provider
  • Optimize images
  • Enabled magento caching
  • Enable memcache
  • Enabled APC
  • MySQL Query caching
  • GZip compression of html,css,js
  • minify HTML, CSS, JSS (remove all unnecessary white space)

Question: How to get active store information like store name,and line number etc in magento?

answer: Use the following code:

$store = Mage::app()->getStore(); 

My Magento

Question: How to generate an XML sitemap in Magento

Answer: You can easily generate an inbuilt XML site map in Magento using the following option: System -> Catalog->Google Sitemap.

Question: How to clean Magento Log Data

Answer: You can easily do this as Magneto system has a built-in for cleaning up log information.

System > Configuration > Advanced > System > Log Cleaning

You can also configure your store to automatically clean up these logs.

Question: How can I delete a test order

Answer: You can either use an extension to delete test order or use the following method:

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