Magento Enterprise 1.14.1 launched

by Admin
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Magento has recently launched Magento Enterprise 1.14.1, major update over the previous version. Magento claims Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 is incredibly faster and stable over it’s predecessor. Using a third party testing Zynovo, Magento claimed the following benchmark stats:

  • Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 provides superior application server response times versus earlier versions of Enterprise Edition:
    • 38% to 44% faster home page
    • 48% faster simple product pages
    • 27% to 47% faster checkout pages

Server load which is usually on the higher side with Magento was also substantially lowered with the new version. Less load means low utilization of CPU resources making it faster and stable.

  • Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 provides superior application server CPU utilization:
    • 43% lower than Enterprise Edition 1.14.0
    • 37% lower than Enterprise Edition 1.13.1
    • 39% lower than Enterprise Edition 1.12.1

You can download the complete benchmark testing report here.

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