Magento Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards

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ecommerce sales
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Magento Gold Industry Partner Canada Post is holding their second annual Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards event on September 25th in Toronto to recognize Canada’s leading online retailers—and reward the best of them with $1 million worth of total prizes!

These awards are exclusively devoted to finding and honouring and rewarding  Canada’s best e-commerce innovators.

See the details here

You could win !1000,000 in parcel shipping

$50,000 in direct marketing and more

$40,000 marketing prize package*

How to Apply:

  •  Determine which category (or categories) your company is eligible for.
  • Download the appropriate PDF application form(s):
  • Fill out the form(s). Remember to save as you go!
  • Attach completed application form(s) to an email and send to [email protected]

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