Magento Alert – New Malware

by Admin
Magento malware alert
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Magento has alerted everyone about the new malware that appears to capture information from all fields of the checkout process, including credit card information. The attacks can either originate from the user admin login or through the database. These malware are typically contained in the following places:

Admin->Configuration->General->Design->HTML Head->Miscellaneous Scripts, or

Admin->Configuration->General->Design->Footer-> Miscellaneous HTML

For more information about this Malware, please refer to Magento Blog. Magento had released a services of security patches last year which is very unprecedented but the eCommerce giant is now trying to make the software secure and healthy.

Is my site infected?

To check if you are facing this malware attack or are susceptible to this malware attack, please run a scan on MAGEREPORT.COM to determine if you are at risk for a “Credit Card Hijack” and check to see if you have any unknown Admin accounts. If your website is compromised or hacked or more information on Magento Malware Removal, contact us.

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