Know which WordPress Plugins to pick for a Trendy Website

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Anyone remotely associated with website designing knows WordPress. Its glory is spread far and wide. Today, hundreds of sites are built with WordPress because of the ease and convenience that it offers to its users.

When you talk of WordPress, discussion of the plug-ins becomes imperative. You can classify the several different plugins in two categories: 1) Plugins that take care of aesthetics and 2) Plugins that manage the SEO structure of the website.

When you want to create a visually pleasing website, you have to think about plugins that are classified in the first category. Here are a few plugins to keep your site trendy and beautiful:

1.  Masonry Layout (Pinterest like Grid)

If you like the Pinterest layout for your eCommerce website, you can get it easily with the Masonry Layout. It is perfect for magazines, blogs and more. It lets you to avoid the boring design and breaks the clutter. And, the good news is that with the use of short-codes, you can finish it in less than 5 minutes.

2.  Two-tone FX

The plugin is ideal for giving duotone to the pictures.  It helps you to edit and apply the same filter to any picture you want.  Currently, you can edit the pictures in the following two ways:

  1. ImageMagick – It provides optimum performance and most designers prefer it.
  2. A GD Graphics Library – It is a fallback option and should be used with caution because its intensive features can consume memory.

3.  Parallax Scroll

You can make a unique webpage with the help of the plugin. Even though adding depth to a 2-D image is an old technique, it is still in fashion like the little black dress! You can incorporate several backgrounds and give incredible depth to the images creating a 3-D effect.

4.  Animate It

The plugin is famous for providing quick animation solutions.  It will enable you to use incredibly pleasing CSS3 animation on WP posts. It will help you in applying animation on Hover, Scroll and Click.

5.  Uber Menu

A responsive option for all designers looking to make their websites trendy! The plugin makes professional navigation possible for every website. You will be able to do unbelievable stuff such as add maps and customize HTML in the menu. With the dynamic layout, you can play with different combinations and customize the menu according to your requirement.

The Final Word

Making your website trendy and cool requires the knowledge of using the right WordPress plugins. As a business owner, you must consider your plans and then, choose plugins that help you to create a stunning as well as practical website. It is always essential to hire an experienced IT team to help you actualize your dream website. It will allow you to focus on the core business and enable you to own a trendy website as well.

If you are looking to build a beautiful, trendy website, your search ends with us. PlatinaIT is a premier WordPress web design company for small business as well as large multinational corporations.  Call +1 (866) 602-8909 (US) or +1 (416) 273-7206 (CANADA) to discuss your IT needs today.

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