Hostgator and Bluehost hosting Down

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Hostgator Outage
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New Update from Hostgator: The cause of the outage that began yesterday afternoon was due to an undocumented bug in firmware utilized in our vendor’s hardware. At this time, we’re still diligently working to restore service all customers. While the majority of customers are back online, we still have a small subset of servers that we are individually rebooting. You may see intermittent service as we complete the reboot. We appreciate your patience as we continue working on this.


Hostagator and Bluehosting, 2 leading hosting companies in the world have reported their server outage at their Provo Datacentre in Utah. Hostgator Support forum quoted” Just a quick update on the work we’ve done to restore our network. Our Networks Operation team uncovered a bug in firmware utilized in our vendor’s hardware that caused the network issues, which impacted some of our customers. We worked closely with the vendor to establish and implement a bug fix. That fix is now being executed and propagating across the network. During this rollout, you may find some performance inconsistencies, which will resolve fairly quickly. Our entire team remains engaged and committing to fully restoring services and performance for all impacted customers.” 

Hostgator Outage

Hostgator down


The issue was still unresolved till the post being published. When contacted, Hostgator technical support responded: The secondary IPs of a small percentage of our dedicated servers and VPS servers are still experiencing routing issues. We are currently running a script on the whole farm that is restoring those, but doing it safely requires a bit of time. I deeply apologize for the length and intractability of these issues, but we are 95% resolved, and are expecting the rest to be fixed very soon.

Bluehost and HostGator are owned and operated by Endurance International Group. The company is reportedly one of the world’s largest website hosting companies.

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