Fastest growing E-Commerce Markets in the World

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Ecommerce is consistently in the growth phase and is estimated to be $1.6 Trillion. Asia leads the pack followed by North America. As per some independent research, B2C ecommerce sales growth in China and Indonesia is pegged at 65% and 71%, respectively. In terms of Volume of Sales India and China are leading the sales withe several new Ecommerce companies trying to establish their base in these growing markets.

You will find more statistics at Statista

China: China dominates the list of growing Ecommerce markets. China’s ecommerce sales are set to grow nearly 65% in 2014 only shy of Indonesia. Such is the power of Chinese ecommerce that Chinese consumers splurged a jaw-dropping record 35.01 billion RMB ($5.7 billion) in just 24 hours during the “11.11” Shopping Festival in only one e-commerce giant Tmall. This amount of money equals half of all China retail sales in September. In year 2013, Chinese shoppers spent 1.3 trillion yuan ($213 billion) online, just shy of $225 billion spent by the consumers of the U.S. In 2014, China has overtaken US to be the biggest Market for Ecommerce Sales.

India: As more and more Indians use the internet, revenues of e-commerce companies could triple over the next three years to 504 billion rupees ($8.13 billion), according to Crisil Research, a unit of Mumbai-based ratings firm Crisil Ltd. Amazon has recently announced that it is aggressively moving to India which has been an unprecedented surge in the online sale.  Their popular ecommerce websites include:, Snapedeal, and It is estimated that Indian e-commerce is projected to surge from $10 billion to $43 billion in the next five years, according to Nomura’s India Internet Report last month.

Brazil: Brazil was another star in the surging online sales. eMarketer estimates retail ecommerce sales in Brazil will grow 11.7% in 2014 to reach $13.37 billion. Brazil will have 107.7 million internet users in 2014, 37.7% of whom will make a digital purchase.

You will find more statistics at Statista

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