Common Magento problems

by Admin
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Listing here some of the common Magento problems or issues faced by our customers.

    My Magento website is very Slow!

  • Solution: Use a good optimized Magento custom design or theme
  • Make sure the images on the home page and inside pages are web optimized
  • Enable Gzip Compression in .htaccess
  • Install APC or Xcache for faster loading
  • Apache configuration should have KeepAlives enabled
  • Enable Expires Headers
  • Enable Flat Catalog

All website pages are not indexed

  • Make sure you have an sitemap.xml generated and submitted into Webmasters tool
  • A site having over 50k pages need to split sitemaps
  • Use a good extension to split sitemaps
  • Manually add pages to webmaster tool to make sure they are indexed
  • Check for errors on webmasters, be it page error or server error
  • Fix errors on webmasters tool

I have issues upgrading Magento version:

  • Magento upgrade has always been one of the major headaches and most Website owners hesitate to upgrade as they don’t want any disruption to their already running business. But Upgrade is also critical and therefore we need a proper planning and precautions. If your website is heavily customized or your site has core Magento changes, upgrade would remove the customization. Discuss your changes with your Magento developer so that he retain all the changes during upgrade.

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