Amazing JavaScript Libraries to look for in 2017

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Options galore, confusion more!!!

When you are working with JavaScript, you understand how difficult it is to choose JS libraries. You may work with one only to realize it is not as useful as you thought it to be. To save your energy, here is a list of 5 JS libraries to look for in 2017.

1. D3.js

Information is the most asset of your business. And, data visualization is an essential aspect of it. If you want the data to speak to you, then D3.js is made for you. It is free and useful for visuals. It will help you to do a lot many things such as create HTML tables, interactive SVG charts, graphs and more. When you are looking for a library to help you display information on your website, choose it for simplicity and efficiency.

2. Vue.js

Looking for great user interfaces? Vue.js is the option for you. It is useful when you have to manage advanced single-page applications. When you are acquainted with CSS, JS and HTML, handling the library will be a piece of cake for you. Even though Angular, React and Ember are popular choices among developers, Vue.js is fast gaining popularity. It is a great choice for front-end frameworks and will definitely be the #1 choice in the coming years

3. Angular.js

No list is complete without Angular.js. The baby of Google tops the list as one of the best front-end JavaScript frameworks. It is ideal for dynamic web applications because it allows you to use HTML’s syntax with your application lucidly. It helps you to eliminate writing a large part of your code. Quick coding, easy testing and two-way binding have made it a crowd-favorite.

4. Ember.js

Ember.js is a popular JavaScript framework. It provides you with several features that enable you to manage high-feature applications and complex websites. It is ideal for quick user interactions. The auto-updating handlebars templates guarantee that your HTML stays updated even with a miniscule change to the model.

5. Three.js

For all you 3D animation lovers, Three.js will help you to bring your projects to life. Even though web animation is still in its nascent stage, Three.js is helping developers across the world experiment with it. You can work with motion-sensitive backgrounds, 3D animation effect, personalize web graphics and make your website fun and interactive for the users.


Choosing a JavaScript framework is a big task. And, you should not rely on the list of features that each library offers. Think about your business, its requirements and consider how a framework can fit into your business goals.

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