5 Essential Strategies for SEO Link Building

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SEO Link Building
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The world economy has entered an intelligent phase where everything is connected. The Digital economy is booming and the value of connectivity is being unleashed. The digital economy is the driving force behind economic development. Every industry has embedded digital technologies deep into its processes. It enhances economic performance.

We are digitalizing the things we do. It is making us work faster, more efficiently, and more reliable. The new spheres of innovation are being thrown open more frequently. Global growth is now being determined by the digital economy. It is the core driver for growth and development.

SEO and The Digital Economy

In the digital world, SEO is one of the most important tools for businesses to achieve their multiple goals. It focuses on the presence of websites, products and services in search results. It helps in increasing visibility, authority and organic traffic to the website.

What is Link Building?

Link building is an SEO tactic of getting links from other websites to your website. This easy backlinking process drives referral traffic and enhances the authority of the website. Hyperlinks help in determining how much search traffic the site receives.

Why is Link Building Important for SEO?

Links are Google’s #1 ranking factor that surpasses power and trust. They help search engines to discover your website. Links give significant growth in terms of revenue and organic traffic. This makes links so important for SEO campaigns. The benefits of link building in SEO are:

  • Higher ranking on search engines.
  • Search engines will find new pages on your site faster.
  • Increases credibility and trustworthiness as a business.
  • Benefits from referral traffic.

Strategies for SEO Link Building

A link-building strategy is a plan created to help in organizing, tracking and optimizing links. The right plan results in high business returns and an improvement in the search engine rankings. Strategies for SEO link building should focus on bringing a new audience to the website.

The top 5 essential strategies for SEO link building are as under:

1. Finding High-Quality Links

We can term a link to be a high-quality link if it improves Google’s ranking. Let’s list out the factors that determine the quality of SEO backlinks:

Links from Page Authority: The page linking to your website should be a PageRank powerhouse. Links from high-authority pages have a great impact on your website ranking.

Links from Authority websites: Links from authority websites are highly effective in the ranking of the website.

Links from Relevant Sites: The links from the authority site should be relevant to your site.

Position of a Link on the Page: The link should be embedded in the body of the web page rather than on the sides or footer.

The Link should be Editorially Placed: The link should come from a site that has good content marketing techniques. They are earned due to quality content.

Link Anchor Text: The clickable text in a hyperlink is anchor text. It helps determine the ranking of the page.

Link Co-Occurrences: Keywords or text appearing around the link are termed as co-occurrences. It indicates what the page is about. So search engines use it for ranking the page.

Links from a Guest Post: Publishing a quality guest post on an authoritative and relevant site helps a great deal in ranking.

2. Links with Content Marketing

Content is the key that unlocks amazing backlinks. The content that is most effective in generating the most links are:

Visual Assets: Visuals are very easy to link which is not possible with the text. If any visual asset of your site is shared by another website, you immediately get a link. Visual assets include images, diagrams, infographics and charts.

List Posts: An article in a list format is called a list post. This provides a big opportunity for backlink building. List posts are SEO backlink builders that score over even infographics and videos.

Original Research and Data: Data and statistics from various surveys, studies and research are highly linkable. When this data is referred to by someone, it forms a link to your website.

Ultimate Guides: Ultimate guide is the resource that gives comprehensive information on any topic. This makes the search engine go to the resource for that topic.

3. Powerful Links with Email Outreach

Reaching out through email is the best way for building white hat links. Your email should provide value to the people you’re communicating with. It will give you the desired results. The different methods for reaching out through emails are:

  • Find people who are likely to link to you.
  • Find their email address.
  • Send them a personalized email.

4. Robust Link Building Strategies

The top-rated strategies for building world class backlinks are:

A. Resource Page Link Building: Resource pages link to well-written content on any topic. These pages make excellent link-building targets.

  • Find relevant resource pages.
  • Vet the pages.
  • Reach out and suggest your resource.

B. Broken Link Building: The link that no longer works is a broken link. This allows adding value to someone’s website.

  • Check my links or link miner finds broken links on any page.
  • Find pages with outbound links.
  • Check for broken links.
  • Send email to the site owner about the broken links.

5. Artificial Intelligence and User Experience

Artificial Intelligence has evolved as a core component of search engine algorithms. SEO is not just about keywords anymore. It’s about the idea and intent behind the searcher’s queries.

Let’s see how we can use AI SEO.

Opportunity Discovery with AI SEO: Artificial intelligence SEO is effective in discovering hidden ranking opportunities. Powerful AI-powered SEO tools give in-depth insight into:

  • Keywords to be targeted.
  • Link Building Opportunities – AI-Powered SEO software can uncover SEO opportunities faster.

Content Creation with AI SEO: AI can help to improve by creating content to dominate the SERPs. Tools like bright edge will find keywords. AI can then help to find what kind of content you should create.

Content Optimization With AI SEO: Search engines focus on the intent of the searcher. AI will help in optimizing the content as per user intent. It can help in creating better-optimized content that readers will engage with.

Optimizing for Voice Search: Voice search is the fastest evolving area of search and it is highly competitive. Questions are the main part of voice searches. AI tools help by answering the questions that appear right at the top of the SERPs.

AI to Scale SEO: Artificial intelligence SEO software can help with technical SEO by:

  • Conducting website audits.
  • Optimizing content automatically.
  • Resolve duplication of content issues.

AI and User Experience: Users are the primary focus of search engines. Therefore User Experience (UX) is a crucial element of SEO. Search can determine whether your page will provide users with a positive UX or not.

A positive user experience on your website will increase dwell time. This will encourage sharing your content. Both the factors signal search engines that the content is worth ranking higher on SERPs.

Events are more memorable. Now goods and services are sold by highlighting the effect they can have on people’s lives. User experience has always been the main component of determining the value of a website. However, page experience is evolving a new ranking factor. It will have a significant impact on the ranking of the website.