Chargify Integration to Business Directory

Completed another exciting project wherein the requirement was to Integrate Chargify API integration to a local popular Business Directory. chargify Integration

Chargify is a popular easy to use billing application software ideal for recurring payments and subscription. We integrated Chargify to customer’s website and integrated their payment system for recurring and subscription payments.

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Magento Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards

Magento Gold Industry Partner Canada Post is holding their second annual Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards event on September 25th in Toronto to recognize Canada’s leading online retailers—and reward the best of them with $1 million worth of total prizes!

These awards are exclusively devoted to finding and honouring and rewarding  Canada’s best e-commerce innovators.

See the details here

You could win !1000,000 in parcel shipping

$50,000 in direct marketing and more

$40,000 marketing prize package*

How to Apply:

  •  Determine which category (or categories) your company is eligible for.
  • Download the appropriate PDF application form(s):
  • Fill out the form(s). Remember to save as you go!
  • Attach completed application form(s) to an email and send to

Difference between Magento community and Magento Go

A lot of customers are still confused about whether to go with Magneto Go or Magento Community version. Magento Community Edition is a free open source software and can be downloaded from website.

Magento Go


Magento Go is a hosted solution is a useful for very small business and start ups. Magento Go has currently 5 different per month pricing plans including a free trial plan which can hold up to 100 SKUs. Other monthly plans are as follows:

  • Get Going: price $ 15 per month, 100 SKUs, 3 Admin Logins, 1 Language, 200MB Storage, 4GB Bandwidth


  • Going Places: price $ 15 per month, 500 SKUs, 10 Admin Logins, 1 Language, 500MB Storage, 8GB Bandwidth


  • Go Beyond: price $ 15 per month, 1,000 SKUs, 20 Admin Logins, 3 Language,800MB Storage,16GB Bandwidth


  • Go Anywhere: price $ 15 per month, 10,000 SKUs, 30 Admin Logins, 3 Language, 5GB Storage, 32GB Bandwidth

Magento Go comes with pre-designed templates or themes and comes integrated with online payment  etc. The biggest disadvantage with the hosted solution is however the ability to customize or use your solutions. This is hosted solution so you can host your site on your own server. Offcource with monthly price tag, technical support is included.


Magento Community version


Magento Community version is an open source software and is free to download and very customization. Being the most popular open source eCommerce software, it has thousands of extensions which makes it the best model for a start up or small to medium business eCommerce solutions. Since this is not a hosted solution, you would need to rent out a server to host your website, plus there is no technical support on it. However Magento Community edition is what most magneto developers prefer since it gives a lot of room for creativity and customization.

Unlike Go version, you can have unlimited products, unlimited categories and no bandwidth limit if you have a good server. Security might be an issue as Community by default is not PCI compliant but it can be made to. Community Edition does not have Payment bridges but there are ample other ways to achieve PCI compliance. Community version is also best suited for B2B while Go version does have these capabilities. meaning, if you plan to sell to other businesses, you might have limitations with Go but not community version. Overall as a Magneto development team, we recommend using Community version if give more flexibility for development and is more Scalable for future growth.

Useful Magento Website Tips


1. How to reset Magento admin password:

This is a common problem faced by our customers. Here is how to do this: To change your Magento admin password, go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin, select your Magento database, click the SQL tab and use the following query:

UPDATE admin_user SET password=CONCAT(MD5(‘sGnewpass’), ‘:sG’) WHERE username=’AdminUsername’;

Note: You have to change newpass in the MD5(‘sGnewpass‘) with your new password, and change *AdminUsername* to your Magento admin username.

Run the query by clicking the Go button and your password will be changed.

How to clear the Magento cache:

Magento is pretty on server resources and therefore it is important to flush the cache to keep the site stable and fast. Here is how you do that:

Navigate to System -> Cache Management using the primary navigation menu. Then  click on the Flush Magento CacheFlush Cache StorageFlush Catalog Images Cache and Flush JavaScript CSS/Cache to flush the cache.

How to speed up your Magento Website:

As mentioned, magneto uses a lot of resources and sometimes you see that your Magento site is tad slow.   You can always enable Compilation function and this would increase the page speed considerable. You can enable Magento Compilation from your Magento admin panel > System > Tools > Compilation.

You can also use Speed performance extensions such as Fooman Speedster, Nitrogento,
PageCache powered by Varnish, M-Turbo – E-Commerce Accelerator and other popular extenions.


Hardwood Website Design

Check out our latest popular website – Hardwood Giant a leader in Hardwood and Laminate sale in the GTA area. Complete web development including SEO freindly design..The happiest customer ever we had:)Hardwood

Travel Website Development

Created another responsive and user friendly travel tour website for one of our client. The website deals with pilgrimage tours and is one of the leading pilgrimage tour operators in the GTA. Check the new mobile friendly travel website


Logistics Website design

Logistics Website Design

Completed another Custom designed website for a leading Logistics company based out of Mississauga. Check out the new design and Pars tracking functionality. The website is SEO friendly and deals with Logistics such as custom clearance, freight forwarding and Imports. Logistics Website design
Apart from Logistics web design, we also do Real Estate websites. Check out Real Estate Toronto website design and development.

Magento Upgrade Project

Another Magento Project upgrade Pheeew!! This project was quite complicated as we had to track down the website customization because a Magento version would have oblitrated all the customization. check our Magento Version Upgrade