The I-Magento Just Got Bigger and Better: New Features and Major Benefits of Magento 2.0

Advantages of Magento 2.0

When Magento 2.0 was released in November 2015, the industry showed an initial reluctance towards the adoption – they were already using a very powerful eCommerce development tool in Magento. As such, the idea of migration to its newer version appeared more as a technological vogue.

The timeline enters into 2016, and encouraged by the migration success of early adopters—your Venroy, Alcatel, Scuf Gaming, etc.—the ecommerce industry endeared the practice.

Today, thousands of businesses worldwide are using the technology of Magento 2.0 to help manage and grow their eCommerce stores, after leveraging the platform to initially build one.

What accounts for this wide scale adoption?

We called in our research miners to explore the reason.

Magento 2.0 is Simply Much Faster

It has been found that Magento 2.0 runs 20 percent faster than its predecessor. Faster means, better site uploading and navigation speed, which accounts for improved online consumer experience. And, when you talk about operating a business in the digital world, the difference in performance can make a big difference.

According to Kissmetrics, a 1 second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

The team at Magento verifies the improved performance metrics declaring that the platform is able to process one hundred and thirty-five thousand more orders per hour, with the most noticeable improvements found during the uploading of catalogue pages and checkout processes.

What Makes It Faster?

The platforms default characteristic of full page cache, in addition to its ability to utilize open source distributed memory object caching system, improves the website’s pages uploading speed.  Furthermore, the platform only supports modern Javascript framework, the JQuery and Knockout JS. This further reduces the processing complexities, which previously slowed the uploading speed in the older versions.

Magento 2.0 Helps Your eCommerce Website Rank Higher on SERPs

For B2B and B2C industry players, it is very important to get themselves ranked as higher as possible on SERPs to help generate organic online traffic. It creates revenue generating opportunities.

The new Magento upgrade helps address this.

Serving as one of the key Magento 2.0 improvements, the platform comes equipped with some amazing features that allow webmasters to leverage solutions in order to get their websites ranked higher on SERPs.

What are These Features?

Magento 2 comes with default SEO features that can help your e-store rank better on Google. Some of these include:

  • The ability to design pages on well structured HTML and the feature to optimize content’s meta details and meta data.
  • The freedom to customize flat URLs as per product name and category
  • Integration of product names as alt tags for the images, present on a webpage.
  • Webmasters can execute canonical tagging of categories, which helps avoid the duplication of content, thereby lessening the incidence of thin content.

Magento 2.0 Offers a Comprehensive Ecosystem for the eCommerce Store to Operate In

The Magento development team has focused on integrating all the essential elements that make up a comprehensive ecosystem for the eCommerce store to operate in.

  • Users can establish different data sets for every catalog and content, which accounts for a detailed and customized layout.
  • It offers the flexibility to integrate CMS, CRM, checkout modules and other plug-ins and extensions for convenient operation of the eCommerce store. Plus, if you want to activate or deactivate any of the modules, you can conveniently execute the function without disrupting the code base.
  • It creates a safe and secured environment for conducting online transactions with a robust server validation system and a strengthened hashing algorithm for passwords.
  • An Elastic Search system which enables customers to find products quickly and efficiently.

With the features and benefits mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that the latest version of Magento, Magento 2.0, has the capability to help structure an eCommerce store that comes equipped with all the necessary value added elements and features, for its operation to be robust and flexible.

Amazing JavaScript Libraries to look for in 2017

Options galore, confusion more!!!

When you are working with JavaScript, you understand how difficult it is to choose JS libraries. You may work with one only to realize it is not as useful as you thought it to be. To save your energy, here is a list of 5 JS libraries to look for in 2017.

1. D3.js

Information is the most asset of your business. And, data visualization is an essential aspect of it. If you want the data to speak to you, then D3.js is made for you. It is free and useful for visuals. It will help you to do a lot many things such as create HTML tables, interactive SVG charts, graphs and more. When you are looking for a library to help you display information on your website, choose it for simplicity and efficiency.

2. Vue.js

Looking for great user interfaces? Vue.js is the option for you. It is useful when you have to manage advanced single-page applications. When you are acquainted with CSS, JS and HTML, handling the library will be a piece of cake for you. Even though Angular, React and Ember are popular choices among developers, Vue.js is fast gaining popularity. It is a great choice for front-end frameworks and will definitely be the #1 choice in the coming years

3. Angular.js

No list is complete without Angular.js. The baby of Google tops the list as one of the best front-end JavaScript frameworks. It is ideal for dynamic web applications because it allows you to use HTML’s syntax with your application lucidly. It helps you to eliminate writing a large part of your code. Quick coding, easy testing and two-way binding have made it a crowd-favorite.

4. Ember.js

Ember.js is a popular JavaScript framework. It provides you with several features that enable you to manage high-feature applications and complex websites. It is ideal for quick user interactions. The auto-updating handlebars templates guarantee that your HTML stays updated even with a miniscule change to the model.

5. Three.js

For all you 3D animation lovers, Three.js will help you to bring your projects to life. Even though web animation is still in its nascent stage, Three.js is helping developers across the world experiment with it. You can work with motion-sensitive backgrounds, 3D animation effect, personalize web graphics and make your website fun and interactive for the users.


Choosing a JavaScript framework is a big task. And, you should not rely on the list of features that each library offers. Think about your business, its requirements and consider how a framework can fit into your business goals.

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Know which WordPress Plugins to pick for a Trendy Website

Anyone remotely associated with website designing knows WordPress. Its glory is spread far and wide. Today, hundreds of sites are built with WordPress because of the ease and convenience that it offers to its users.

When you talk of WordPress, discussion of the plug-ins becomes imperative. You can classify the several different plugins in two categories: 1) Plugins that take care of aesthetics and 2) Plugins that manage the SEO structure of the website.

When you want to create a visually pleasing website, you have to think about plugins that are classified in the first category. Here are a few plugins to keep your site trendy and beautiful:

1.  Masonry Layout (Pinterest like Grid)

If you like the Pinterest layout for your eCommerce website, you can get it easily with the Masonry Layout. It is perfect for magazines, blogs and more. It lets you to avoid the boring design and breaks the clutter. And, the good news is that with the use of short-codes, you can finish it in less than 5 minutes.

2.  Two-tone FX

The plugin is ideal for giving duotone to the pictures.  It helps you to edit and apply the same filter to any picture you want.  Currently, you can edit the pictures in the following two ways:

  1. ImageMagick – It provides optimum performance and most designers prefer it.
  2. A GD Graphics Library – It is a fallback option and should be used with caution because its intensive features can consume memory.

3.  Parallax Scroll

You can make a unique webpage with the help of the plugin. Even though adding depth to a 2-D image is an old technique, it is still in fashion like the little black dress! You can incorporate several backgrounds and give incredible depth to the images creating a 3-D effect.

4.  Animate It

The plugin is famous for providing quick animation solutions.  It will enable you to use incredibly pleasing CSS3 animation on WP posts. It will help you in applying animation on Hover, Scroll and Click.

5.  Uber Menu

A responsive option for all designers looking to make their websites trendy! The plugin makes professional navigation possible for every website. You will be able to do unbelievable stuff such as add maps and customize HTML in the menu. With the dynamic layout, you can play with different combinations and customize the menu according to your requirement.

The Final Word

Making your website trendy and cool requires the knowledge of using the right WordPress plugins. As a business owner, you must consider your plans and then, choose plugins that help you to create a stunning as well as practical website. It is always essential to hire an experienced IT team to help you actualize your dream website. It will allow you to focus on the core business and enable you to own a trendy website as well.

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Familiarize yourself with CSS new Font-Display Property

In the beginning, each web browser controlled the settings of font faces and styles. You could not control font display and customizing your web page according to your needs was difficult. But, today, the options are endless.

If you are a designer who loves using web fonts, remember that there are a few issues with it such as un-styled text or invisible text on the web page. Also, your customers may be forced to look at blank pages because the text takes a lot of time to load.  So, when you want to create a pretty yet performant website, you need something that maintains the performance of the website without damaging its aesthetic appeal. And, there is where the new CSS font-display property comes into picture. You can use it with Opera, Opera for Android, Chrome, Mozilla and so on.

Font-Display for a Pretty and Performant Website

You have to use the font-display property inside @font-face rule. It means that it will not work with third-party font providers. The property accepts the following number of values:

  • Auto

It is the default value of the property. Here, the usual behavior of the browser will occur which means it will act as it does when you do not use the properly. It will hide the typefaces until the fonts are loaded properly in the browser.

  • Swap

Experts consider it the most popular value of the font-display property. It will help you to use the next available font (fallback font) when the custom font is not loaded in the browser completely. And, when your custom font loads, the browser will display it by replaying the fallback font quickly.

  • Fallback

When you want something that minimizes the difference between Auto value and Swap value, you can choose Fallback. When you use it, the text will be invisible for 100 milliseconds. After the time period, if the custom font is loaded in the browser, it will be displayed to the user. But, if it is not loaded, the fallback font will be shown to the users until the custom font is loaded.

  • Optional

It operates in the same way as Fallback but it gives power to the browser of making a decision with the custom font. The browser may decide not to load the custom font if there is an issue with the user’s internet connection. It is useful when the user’s internet connection speed is very slow and it creates a problem in loading the main fonts selected by the designer.

What Option is the Best Choice for your Web Pages?

Do you want the users to experience your chosen fonts? Do you think it will create an impact on them? Do you think the fonts are necessary for building your brand? If perception is not a big deal for you, font-display: Fallback can be a nice option for you.

And, if you think displaying your custom font is necessary, choose the Swap or the Optional value. No matter what you use, remember to test it adequately so that it doesn’t give you any problems in the future.

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Project Quantum

Project Quantum – A new revolution in Web browsing

Gone are the times when you web pages were just a collection of text and pictures. The websites these are very dynamic and are made to viewed not only on PC but also mobile devices. Firefox therefore has initiated an new project called Project Quantum. Quantum is an effort from the Mozilla Development community to create the next-generation of web engine and start delivering major improvements to users by the end of 2017. Web Engine is basically the core of the browser that runs all the content you receive as you browse the web.

This would result in much improved and faster browsing experience for both mobile and desktop users. As per Mozilla tech team, Pages will load faster, and scrolling will be silky smooth. Animations and interactive apps will respond instantly, and be able to handle more intensive content while holding consistent frame rates. And the content most important to you will automatically get the highest priority, focusing processing power where you need it the most. Mozilla, the maker of Firefox and Filezilla is trying hard to recover it share from Google Chrome and has recently introduced lot of enhancements for improved user experience. Google Chrome commands the Web browser market experience with over 57% Share followed by Safari and Firefox at 13% while the IE & Edge sits at close to 10%.

WordPress 3.6 – What’s new

WordPress today released a new version which is WordPress 3.6 across everywhere. It’s called

WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”


The new version of WordPress 3.6 comes with a beautiful new blog-centric theme, bullet-proof autosave and post locking, a revamped revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, and improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud.

Features: Revamped Revisions save every change and the new interface allows you to scroll easily through changes to see line-by-line who changed what and when.

Post Locking and Augmented Autosave will especially be a boon to sites where more than a single author is working on a post.

A new audio/video API gives you access to metadata like ID3 tags.

You can now choose HTML5 markup for things like comment and search forms, and comment lists.

Chargify Integration to Business Directory

Completed another exciting project wherein the requirement was to Integrate Chargify API integration to a local popular Business Directory. chargify Integration

Chargify is a popular easy to use billing application software ideal for recurring payments and subscription. We integrated Chargify to customer’s website and integrated their payment system for recurring and subscription payments.

Hardwood Website Design

Check out our latest popular website – Hardwood Giant a leader in Hardwood and Laminate sale in the GTA area. Complete web development including SEO freindly design..The happiest customer ever we had:)Hardwood

Travel Website Development

Created another responsive and user friendly travel tour website for one of our client. The website deals with pilgrimage tours and is one of the leading pilgrimage tour operators in the GTA. Check the new mobile friendly travel website