Another Custom Ecommerce Project

Completed another custom Ecommerce project..Please check our our complete design and development website at
Scorepromotion based out of Toronto is one of the leading Promotion and marketing company offering creative marketing solutions through branded products to companies and organizations. The website hosts thousands of promotional products which can be customized and branded as per companies requirement. apart from great design, the website has existing user friendly features which makes it a world class ecommerce solution.

Custom Ecommerce Project

We are launching another exciting Custom Ecommerce website next month. is one the leading promotional products company in North America and they wanted a revolutionary website with a thousands of customized products with user friendly and pleasing design. Well they got what they wanted and now we are anxiously waiting for the site launch next month stay tuned for further updates. 

Custom Web Design with Custom Shipping

The customer was using third party ecommerce software and was not happy with the site since it did not offer customization and was not even SEO friendly. Based on the client’s requirement, we custom designed with vibrant colours and a shopping cart to process the orders online.

Magento Based Website Resource Centre

Launched another popular resource centre for website. The resource centre is a guide to hundreds of Videos and tutorials for Printifinishing products. The resource centre includes how to do articles, downloadable templates, readers buyers guide, creation of Blog and much more. This is great step towards making the website more popular among customers.

CakePHP Framework Web project

Launched a successful cakePHP based website for Aviation Enthusiast. The website has special requirement for exclusive rare Aviation Videos to to shown to registered users.  The site is an online documentary channel dedicated to honouring the legacy of flight with feature-length films and short stories as per their website. Custom Developed website with access to subscription based Video gallery, Design Integration, Payment Gateway Integration and More.

SEO – Magento website

Optimizing the Magento based website requires smart and informative strategies. Magento is one of the most polpular e-commerce application and like every site it requires some good optimization and online marketing practices to create a great impact on the potential users. Here is the list of basics SEO requirements that we can follow for a Magento based website to create effective online store with lots of traffic.
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1. Magento Sitemap – Magento has a great Google XML sitemap generation tool (System > Configuration > Google Sitemap) to great custom sitemap helping to indexing the pages to create maximum impact.

2. Choose SEO compatibility design: Always choose a scalable and flexible Magento design, which should be search engine friendly. A website layout and design can create a great impact on website compatibility towards major search engines such as Google, bing and yahoo.

3. Magento Search Friendly URLs: Always create SEO friendly URLs which are easily recognized by search engines for your important keywords. you can “Enable” Server URL Rewrites. This can be done under System—-Configuration—-Web—-Search Engines Optimization.

4. Creating tags and meta tags: Creating the right tags and meta tags for Magento website pages can help your website index better to help the site rise the ranking. Always research the most demanding keywords and target your website tags and contents towards those keywords.

5. Eliminate Duplicate Content: make sure your site does not have duplicate content including meta tags. Duplicate content can lead to Google penalizing your page hence reducing the chance your Magento site page getting the top ranking.

6. Clean up or optimize your code: make sure your Magento site code is well optimized and does not have bugs which may slow down the site.

7. Noindex, follow for non-content pages: Use this method to avoid unnecessary indexing your web pages you do not want to index in the search engines.



Magento is a great innovative platform and if an optimized SEO and SEM strategy is followed, no body can stop the site to become a top performer.

Where is Google Page Rank?

Since last night, I have been experiencing no page rank on my website..I was surprized to see that none of the website was showing any page rank. In fact all the popular SEO toolbars including SEO quake and Alexa toolbars have been rendered useless since they are not able to show the Google Page Rank. Does this means Google has stopped the Page Rank or is the Page Rank Phenomena seeing it’s end. PageRank is Google’s system for ranking web pages. PageRank is Google’s system of counting link votes and determining which pages are most important based on them. A page with a higher PageRank is deemed more important and is more likely to be listed above a page with a lower PageRank.

Well not really! According to some trusted sites, Google has changed it algorithm and simply updated the URL which is used to query it resulting in various toolbar and websites to stop reporting the page ranks. if you are using a Toolbar, simply wait for their next updates, and you should see it again.