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This store is getting pretty popular as it deals with selling PC parts across Canada. The website is fully responsive and fully automated requiring minimum monitoring and product management. The backend is fully integrated with with an ERP and accounting system for easy management of orders and processing

Fastest growing E-Commerce Markets in the World

Ecommerce is consistently in the growth phase and is estimated to be $1.6 Trillion. Asia leads the pack followed by North America. As per some independent research, B2C ecommerce sales growth in China and Indonesia is pegged at 65% and 71%, respectively. In terms of Volume of Sales India and China are leading the sales withe several new Ecommerce companies trying to establish their base in these growing markets.

Infographic: China On Path to World Domination in Ecommerce | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

China: China dominates the list of growing Ecommerce markets. China’s ecommerce sales are set to grow nearly 65% in 2014 only shy of Indonesia. Such is the power of Chinese ecommerce that Chinese consumers splurged a jaw-dropping record 35.01 billion RMB ($5.7 billion) in just 24 hours during the “11.11” Shopping Festival in only one e-commerce giant Tmall. This amount of money equals half of all China retail sales in September. In year 2013, Chinese shoppers spent 1.3 trillion yuan ($213 billion) online, just shy of $225 billion spent by the consumers of the U.S. In 2014, China has overtaken US to be the biggest Market for Ecommerce Sales.

India: As more and more Indians use the internet, revenues of e-commerce companies could triple over the next three years to 504 billion rupees ($8.13 billion), according to Crisil Research, a unit of Mumbai-based ratings firm Crisil Ltd. Amazon has recently announced that it is aggressively moving to India which has been an unprecedented surge in the online sale.  Their popular ecommerce websites include:, Snapedeal, and It is estimated that Indian e-commerce is projected to surge from $10 billion to $43 billion in the next five years, according to Nomura’s India Internet Report last month.

Brazil: Brazil was another star in the surging online sales. eMarketer estimates retail ecommerce sales in Brazil will grow 11.7% in 2014 to reach $13.37 billion. Brazil will have 107.7 million internet users in 2014, 37.7% of whom will make a digital purchase.

USA:  Infographic: e-Commerce in the United States | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

ecommerce sales

How to Improve e-commerce sales

Ecommerce is tough game especially when there is a lot of competition around. So what can be done to improve your sales. Here are some of few out of box techniques that can help drive sales and traffic to your website:

ecommerce sales

  • Cross Sell: Always offer customer additional options to buy. You can drive additional sales with “recommended” products, Help buyers discover related products with “who brought this also brought this” block
  • Increase the chance of more sales by letting buyers find products that are bought together, this would entice them to buy more. Create attractive discounts with special incentives such as free shipping or coupons.
  • Discount helps: Try to offer special discounts on some products every week. This would bring them back to your site every week. Also offer an alert email for product price drops & bring back buyers to complete their purchases. Let customers get alerts about expiring discounts, new products etc. via a notification bar
  • Bring back buyers who left an incomplete transaction via personalized email messages just what Amazon does to their customers
  • Employ Good Search and Layered Navigation for users to drill down & discover products with ease. Help customer offer a quick view feature on the product listing page for a sneak peek. Keep the shopping cart visible to the user with a scrolling cart add-on
  • FAQs about products: This is very helpful as customers don’t hesitate to buy. Help answer buyers’ questions while shopping via a questions widget
  • Good reviews: Allow buyers to rate reviews so you can jack up up the most helpful reviews. Reviews are one of the most important factor which helps a customer takes a buying decision. Make sure you have Good reviews

Popular Online Computer Ecommerce Websites Canada

Ecommerce is big Industry in Canada especially 90% of the population is hooked to the Internet. As per Statistics Canada in Year 2010, 51% of Internet users ordered goods or services for personal or household use. In total, Canadians placed nearly 114 million orders, valued at approximately $15.3 billion. However this figure jumped as online shoppers bough goods worth 18.9 billion in 2012, up 24% from 2010. More than half of Internet users (56%) ordered goods or services online in 2012, up from 51% in 2010. In 2012, 77% of Internet users did research on goods or services or window shopped. So considering the healthy trends, the future of Ecommerce is great in technology savvy country such Canada. 

Online Computer Ecommerce Stores are doing good and there are several well designed and developed websites offering great products at affordable prices. We have list some of the top stores based on their Design, User experience and SEO optimization. Please note, we are not including Amazaon and Ebay websites as they have Global presence and only providing information on local Canadian online stores The most popular Computer hardware store in Canada as per Alexa. Future Shop operates around 130 stores across Canada. Future shop is owned by Bestbuy which it acquired in year 2001. The website offer thousands of Computer parts at great deals. It offers free shipping over $20 which is great for day to day users. Clean design, easy to use! Bestbuy owns Futureshop so basically they have similar offerings and design specs. Again if you find anything running out of stock on Futureshop, get it here or vice versa.

Newegg: This is another popular online retailer of computer hardware and parts. It is based out of California, United States but have local presence in Mississauga, ON. The site is pretty popular with nerds and other tech users. The best thing about Newegg is their web design and seo which makes them pretty popular on Google. If you need PC parts and you are looking in Google, chances are you would stumble upon Newegg first. This is due to their excellent optimization which includes very unique custom coded titles and offcource their impressive usage of displaying rich snipppets on their site.

Tigerdirect: Tigerdirect is a direct online retailer of computers and consumer electronics which locations in US and Canada. It is a Systemax subsidiary based out of Florida, USA. Tigerdirect is another Geek friendly website providing PC parts at good price. Their website is good but not responsive and they have a mobile version of their online store as well.

Memory Expres: This a Calgary based growing online retailer popularly know for it’s Über Price Beat Guarantee. If you find any cheaper price, they claim to beat it by 25% of the difference until 7 days!

More notables names includes: Ncix, Canadacomputers, A-Power, Bluemanager, Computerrack and more.