Common Magento problems

Listing here some of the common Magento problems or issues faced by our customers.

    My Magento website is very Slow!

  • Solution: Use a good optimized Magento custom design or theme
  • Make sure the images on the home page and inside pages are web optimized
  • Enable Gzip Compression in .htaccess
  • Install APC or Xcache for faster loading
  • Apache configuration should have KeepAlives enabled
  • Enable Expires Headers
  • Enable Flat Catalog

All website pages are not indexed

  • Make sure you have an sitemap.xml generated and submitted into Webmasters tool
  • A site having over 50k pages need to split sitemaps
  • Use a good extension to split sitemaps
  • Manually add pages to webmaster tool to make sure they are indexed
  • Check for errors on webmasters, be it page error or server error
  • Fix errors on webmasters tool

I have issues upgrading Magento version:

  • Magento upgrade has always been one of the major headaches and most Website owners hesitate to upgrade as they don’t want any disruption to their already running business. But Upgrade is also critical and therefore we need a proper planning and precautions. If your website is heavily customized or your site has core Magento changes, upgrade would remove the customization. Discuss your changes with your Magento developer so that he retain all the changes during upgrade.

Fastest growing E-Commerce Markets in the World

Ecommerce is consistently in the growth phase and is estimated to be $1.6 Trillion. Asia leads the pack followed by North America. As per some independent research, B2C ecommerce sales growth in China and Indonesia is pegged at 65% and 71%, respectively. In terms of Volume of Sales India and China are leading the sales withe several new Ecommerce companies trying to establish their base in these growing markets.

Infographic: China On Path to World Domination in Ecommerce | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

China: China dominates the list of growing Ecommerce markets. China’s ecommerce sales are set to grow nearly 65% in 2014 only shy of Indonesia. Such is the power of Chinese ecommerce that Chinese consumers splurged a jaw-dropping record 35.01 billion RMB ($5.7 billion) in just 24 hours during the “11.11” Shopping Festival in only one e-commerce giant Tmall. This amount of money equals half of all China retail sales in September. In year 2013, Chinese shoppers spent 1.3 trillion yuan ($213 billion) online, just shy of $225 billion spent by the consumers of the U.S. In 2014, China has overtaken US to be the biggest Market for Ecommerce Sales.

India: As more and more Indians use the internet, revenues of e-commerce companies could triple over the next three years to 504 billion rupees ($8.13 billion), according to Crisil Research, a unit of Mumbai-based ratings firm Crisil Ltd. Amazon has recently announced that it is aggressively moving to India which has been an unprecedented surge in the online sale.  Their popular ecommerce websites include:, Snapedeal, and It is estimated that Indian e-commerce is projected to surge from $10 billion to $43 billion in the next five years, according to Nomura’s India Internet Report last month.

Brazil: Brazil was another star in the surging online sales. eMarketer estimates retail ecommerce sales in Brazil will grow 11.7% in 2014 to reach $13.37 billion. Brazil will have 107.7 million internet users in 2014, 37.7% of whom will make a digital purchase.

USA:  Infographic: e-Commerce in the United States | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista


Popular SEO FAQs

How can I drive traffic to my website?
There are billions of webpages around the world vying for the traffic. Make your website standout and always write original content. Give your website visitors useful and good content or information. Visitors always like content that is relevant to their search and is useful such as text, image, video or even info graphics. Use Tactics to Grab Your Readers Attention and always keep updating your website so that your users are not fed with the same content rather they have something new and informative.

What is off page optimization?
Getting links from other websites is off page optimization. In other words it’s an optimization process which does not involves but your website but is a process to improve your seo rankings and visibility. Off Page Optimization is more focused on link building work and Social Media Marketing.

What is Online Reputation Management or ORM?
Online Reputation Management is the process of managing your web reputation by suppressing the negative feedback using different posting strategies. When people search for you or your company, they need to see your positive image. Negative feedback or image can spoil your business. Using ORM, the SEO companies deploy several strategies to push back the negative feedback to bring a clean image.

How important is Social media for your website?
Social is a great tool or medium to generate traffic as well they help you increase the website rankings. Websites such as Google plus, Facebook and twitter are known to helps to enhance the rankings and as well as organic traffic. Social media is not relevant for everyone. If you are running an e-e-commerce website, Social media is a must for you.

Should I buy links to get more traffic?
Google strongly discourage the use of paid links and may penalize you if know to buy links. Google clearly states that buying backlinks to improve your rankings breaches their guidelines. Rather focus on driving traffic through various approved methods such as Social media shares, Video marketing, News updates, blogging and viral marketing. This process may take some time and patience but it is always worth it.

What is Local SEO and why is it important?
Local SEO has become more important that ever before as it helps you acquire local customers within your area or city. Local SEO is basically promoting your services keeping in mind the local audience. It involves promoting services on local search directories such as Google local business, Yelp, Foursquare, Kijiji etc. Part of SEO also includes positive review posted by verified and authentic users. Your local SEO results may be different from results from other areas. For example, if you are looking for Network Cabling in Toronto, you find top 10 results different from Mississauga. This is local SEO and it varies based on your review, promotions and efforts you made to rank your website on top.

One Step Checkout

Best One step Checkout Magento Extensions

Finally our list of Best One step Checkout Magento Extensions is out. A lot of new and impressive one step checkout Magento extensions have came out in the marketplace this year. Some have great reviews while others are just a part of the crowd. Here is a list of the some of the impressive checkout Magento extensions.
1. Leading the pack is One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout


  • OSC offers checkout on a single page seamlessly.
  • This extension comes with all 3 editions Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The Professional and Enterprise editions fully supports the Professional and Enterprise edition of the Magento ecommerce platform. The Enterprise license allows for use on unlimited domains (within the same company), while Standard and Professional edition only allows use on a single domain. OSC combines all six Magento steps into one and removes all unnecessary fields and questions.
  • Data fields are also dynamically updated via AJAX. Overall the best extension in it’s class.


2. Quick One Page Checkout


Quick One Page Checkout is another convenient and super fast one page checkout. When Customers change checkout information, other Sections like Shipping, Payment method, Order review will be auto-updated on the one step checkout page. This express one page checkout supports all kinds of popular ordering options and can integrate with any payment methods. It works very well in all popular browsers.


  • Checkout process much simpler and quicker
  • Provides ability to review your order before hitting place order.


3. One Step Checkout For Magento

One Step Checkout For Magento comes from Magestore, a popular name in extension design community.


  • Creates a professional responsive one page checkout with your brand color
  • Includes the exclusive Google Suggest function to auto-fills customers address on one page checkout
  • Provide many additional functions at onepage checkout including delivery time, Copuons, Gift messaging or Gift wrapping

However if these extensions still don’t suffice your requirement or you need a custom one page checkout extension, contact us and we can create customized powerful Magento extensions.

recover magento admin password

Recover Magento admin Password

Did you lost or Forgot your Magento admin password and not able to log in now? The easiest solution to recover Magento admin password is change it via MySQL database through phpmyadmin area.

recover magento admin password

Since follow these basis steps and you should be able to do the trick:

  • Log on to your cPanel or Plesk to access your MySQL database
  • Go to phpmyadmin area and look for your website database
  • Look for the table ‘admin_user’ and click on browse
  • Click on the SQL tab in order to be able to execute the following MySQL query:
  • UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5(‘NEWPASSWORD’) WHERE `username` = ‘ADMINUSERNAME’;
  • You can now edit value of username and password
  • Use the function as MD5 to encrypt the value of password
  • Save it and you are done

Log into your admin with new username and password

If you need further Magento support, contact our team for a suitable quote

Parallelize downloads across hostnames – Meaning?

Speed is a major issue with eCommerce websites especially when it comes to Magento which is considered pretty heavy on servers! You must have must come across a recommendation by Server optimization companies; Parallelize downloads across hostnames. What does this terms mean and how can it affect the site loading speed.

Often the biggest issue with the site loading speed is amount and the size images it host. The more images you have, the more is the loading time and hence the speed issue. To resolve this, it is recommended to implement Parallelize downloads across hostnames which means that you can host images on different domains rather than one website. For example if you website is, try not having all images on the same domain but consider adding the images at and you would see the difference. The images would download faster and so would the website. The browsers these days have a set limit of how many files they can download at the same time from the same host so if we distribute the images, it would be faster. If you host css and/or js file on your another domain, it will be even faster.

Ideally those images would be hosted on physically different server, but it does not have to be. It could be the same server just using 2 or 3 different hostnames.

ecommerce sales

How to Improve e-commerce sales

Ecommerce is tough game especially when there is a lot of competition around. So what can be done to improve your sales. Here are some of few out of box techniques that can help drive sales and traffic to your website:

ecommerce sales

  • Cross Sell: Always offer customer additional options to buy. You can drive additional sales with “recommended” products, Help buyers discover related products with “who brought this also brought this” block
  • Increase the chance of more sales by letting buyers find products that are bought together, this would entice them to buy more. Create attractive discounts with special incentives such as free shipping or coupons.
  • Discount helps: Try to offer special discounts on some products every week. This would bring them back to your site every week. Also offer an alert email for product price drops & bring back buyers to complete their purchases. Let customers get alerts about expiring discounts, new products etc. via a notification bar
  • Bring back buyers who left an incomplete transaction via personalized email messages just what Amazon does to their customers
  • Employ Good Search and Layered Navigation for users to drill down & discover products with ease. Help customer offer a quick view feature on the product listing page for a sneak peek. Keep the shopping cart visible to the user with a scrolling cart add-on
  • FAQs about products: This is very helpful as customers don’t hesitate to buy. Help answer buyers’ questions while shopping via a questions widget
  • Good reviews: Allow buyers to rate reviews so you can jack up up the most helpful reviews. Reviews are one of the most important factor which helps a customer takes a buying decision. Make sure you have Good reviews

Magento Hosting Canada

Looking for a fast and affordable Magento hosting in CanadaNexus Hosting is one of the best resource for optimized Magento hosting and we recommend their services.  Nexus Magento servers comes with different SIP plans which offer stable, secure and scalable out-of-the-box Magento hosting solutions. All their server comes with features including:

Magento hosting


  • PCI Compliant
  • Magento optimized
  • Memcached enabled
  • Fully burstable 1000BaseT uplink
  • Database performance tunned
  • Web server optimized
  • Redundant secure backup systems
  • Security enhanced

Check the Top Magento hosting providers 2015 listings here.

If you are looking for fully managed Magento hosting, contact our sales team. We offer affordable and super fast Magento hosting managed by our team of experienced Magento development team in Toronto.


Hostgator Outage

Hostgator and Bluehost hosting Down

New Update from Hostgator: The cause of the outage that began yesterday afternoon was due to an undocumented bug in firmware utilized in our vendor’s hardware. At this time, we’re still diligently working to restore service all customers. While the majority of customers are back online, we still have a small subset of servers that we are individually rebooting. You may see intermittent service as we complete the reboot. We appreciate your patience as we continue working on this.


Hostagator and Bluehosting, 2 leading hosting companies in the world have reported their server outage at their Provo Datacentre in Utah. Hostgator Support forum quoted” Just a quick update on the work we’ve done to restore our network. Our Networks Operation team uncovered a bug in firmware utilized in our vendor’s hardware that caused the network issues, which impacted some of our customers. We worked closely with the vendor to establish and implement a bug fix. That fix is now being executed and propagating across the network. During this rollout, you may find some performance inconsistencies, which will resolve fairly quickly. Our entire team remains engaged and committing to fully restoring services and performance for all impacted customers.” 

Hostgator Outage

Hostgator down


The issue was still unresolved till the post being published. When contacted, Hostgator technical support responded: The secondary IPs of a small percentage of our dedicated servers and VPS servers are still experiencing routing issues. We are currently running a script on the whole farm that is restoring those, but doing it safely requires a bit of time. I deeply apologize for the length and intractability of these issues, but we are 95% resolved, and are expecting the rest to be fixed very soon.

Bluehost and HostGator are owned and operated by Endurance International Group. The company is reportedly one of the world’s largest website hosting companies.

Top Magento Marketing SEO Extensions

Magento being one of the best ecommerce platform offers hundreds of great extensions which are great for SEO and Marketing. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular and downloadable Magento extensions used by ecommerce companies worldwide.

Fooman Google Analytics +


One of the best downloaded extensions Fooman Google Analytics provides additional features and advanced analytic for the default Google Analytics module including comprehensive sales funnel by tracking every step of the checkout process by pinpointing precisely where potential customers are ‘dropping off’ during the checkout process. This is a Free Extenion

SEO Pagination


Pagination is recommended by Google Webmaster team and this extension allows you to implement Google recommendations to target pagination issues in SEO with rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup tags. Category pages of your store will be optimized for most search engines robots. This extension cost $99.00


Simple Google Shopping


Simple Google Shopping allows you to export a valid and well structured data flow of your products from your Magento web-site to your Google Merchant account. You can also create csv, txt and xml data feeds for any search engines, shopping engines or market places.


Creare HTML Sitemap for SEO


Sitemap is very useful for indexing your site and letting the search engines bots know which page to index. Creare create simple HTML sitemaps for your website in cascading style and make sure all your site categories are indexed properly. This sitemap is SEO friendly and is intended to replace the default Magento paginated sitemap. It lists all of your CMS pages and also a few static pages that need a mention.

If you are looking to develop Magento Custom Extensions, contact us for a quote.